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Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom (Registration NoB-139, Dhule) Akkalkuwa in Maharashtra's Nandurbar district is one of the greatest and growing modern educational and developmental charitable trusts, established in 1980. It has achieved remarkable success in moral and modern education, development and humanitarian welfare within a very short span. It rekindled the interest of education and development among the backward and the underprivileged and the tribal communities along with such developmental services in many districts and stats establishing moral and modern educational centers and orphanages, organizing educational seminars in villages, providing modern and technological faculties of ITI, engineering and medical sciences, building colleges for teachers’ education and training, constructing and repairing the multi-specialty and primary hospitals, community development centers, providing safe drinking water, and taking the responsibility to arrange the food kits for the poor and the needy families especially in poverty-stricken and unreached areas.

Food & housing are very essential to run any residential educational institution. Jamia did all the necessary arrangements in this regard. But due to the rapidly increasing number of students, it has become essential to organize it in a professional manner. As of now, Jamia has three dining halls with the capacity of 3000 students. It takes five shifts & approximately 3 hours to serve food for 14000 students. Lunch begins from 11 am and ends at 2pm and Dinner starts at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm due to the large number of beneficiaries and the lack of space.

 Need of a state of the art kitchen

Jamia is in dire need of a state of the art Kitchen where it can prepare the food in less time, with less manpower and can serve food in less time. Where cleanliness and hygiene could be maintained and the whole process could be completed with discipline.

The proposed Kitchen

Jamia has hired a professional company from Mumbai for the construction of a huge dining hall and a modern kitchen. The structure and the kitchen have been designed by the best of experts in the respective fields after thorough study of the requirements of Jamia.

Features of the Kitchen

1 One of the largest kitchen in the campus of an educational institution in the world.

2 We will primary use renewable energy i.e. solar energy & biogas for preparation of meals.

3 It’ll reduce the time for meals for 15000 students to an hour

4 The dining hall has been designed to cater various activities apart from dining viz an auditorium for presentation/seminar & concerts

5 The hall will be equipped with state of art equipment for presentations & seminars.

6 The dining hall will accommodate minimum5,000 students at the time of eating, and 15000 at the time of concerts and educational activities.

 Total Area of Land of the Kitchen

Covered Area for Kitchen: 2860 SQM.

Covered Area for Dining Hall: 10365 SQM.

Total Area of Land: 13225 SQM.

Number of beneficiaries: - 45000/Day

Project Started 1st January 2018

Project has been started from 01-01-2018 with a good beginning. Need your kind support to complete the project.

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